Panasonic KXTDA100DBA

Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX IP-PABX Telephone System is the perfect example of the best way to ensure great business communication. Bringing together tele-communication and modern IP technology, this gives rise to a programmable device which can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.


The Panasonic KX TDA100D PBX can be used for a variety of functions. It can be used for direct calling, call forwarding, call distributor and related functions. This PBX system will help ease the work of the receptionist or manager and helps create a convenient connectivity network amongst all the employees.

Key Features

New analog trunk card with caller ID (KX-TDA1180 / 1186)
The new analog extension with caller ID
KX-TDA1178 – KX-TDA1176 and 24-port – Port 16).
KX-TDA old / TDE analog extension cards can not be used.
KX-TDA0171 / 0172 mm LPR cards at least v07.04 or higher version must be updated.


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