Uniden AT8501

2 Line with Intercom
(2 CO x 16 Extension System Phone)
Boss and Secretary phone


Secretary and Boss Phone
2 Lines Telephone
(Work with 2 direct line/2 PABX line, does not work w/1 Direct line & 1 PABX line)
Auto setup system connection
Expandable up to 16 stations
Line / Intercom status indicator
High Quality Speakerphone
FSK Caller ID
Call Waiting Caller ID
60 CID Records
On-Hook Dialling
8 One-Touch Memories
Message Waiting Indicator
Redial last 3 Outgoing Calls
Conference / Transfer / Intercom Paging Feature / Hold
Flash Time Selectable (100 / 300 / 600ms)
Do Not Disturb (DND) with programmable timing up to 48 hours
Available Colour: Black
Packing (per carton)
Qty: 10pcs
G.W: 12kgs


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